Occasions / Stock

The following models are on stock in our showroom, and directly available for delivery. Of course these models are adjustable and customizable for your own needs and prefers.



Sinner Comfort 2x8V fitted with black 20″ Drymer rims. (Matt black + white)

€ 2.995,00

Sinner Comfort basic 1x9V (Dormant red + grey)

€ 2.200,00


USVA Comfort + Nexus 7 internal gear hub (blue)

€ 1.600,00

Drymer Glider 1x8V + Sunstar 250 WAtt electrical assistance (orange)

€ 3250,00

Drymer Glider 1x9V (Dormant red)

€ 2.245,00

Sinner Fifty-fifty (blue)

€ 800,00


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