Sinner Mango TOUR

The Mango Tour is a comprehensive and very complete version of the Mango Plus. The body-shell differs from that of the sport in that the rear end is wider and the swage line is not present. This allows for greatly increased luggage capacity behind the seat. The wheel arches are also slightly larger allowing for wider tires. New in 2014: also included a Mango Aerotop and a Velomobile roof. The 50 lux lamp is changed in the 90 lux version.

The Mango in general   
The Mango is a quick and agile velomobile (velocar) built with emphasis on daily use and convenience it is completely manufactured in Stadskanaal located in the north east of the Netherlands. Sinner offers great flexibility giving customers more choice in trim and finish. We see cycling not only as sport and hobby but also and arguably most importantly as a form of practical personal transport. With the Mango you can make the most efficient possible use of your energy. This thanks to the improved aerodynamics, optimal weather protection and a wide range of gearing. The Mango features a mid-drive axle driven from the front chain rings via the primary chain and driving the rear wheel via a secondary chain. This allows mounting several rear hubs  even an electric motor assist.

Visual and non technical plus points:
Compact yet aerodynamic form. Large luggage capacity. Optimal weather protection especially with the optional Sinner Tour-cap. Small turning circle and great handling stability. Optimal safety thanks to the protective body shell, integrated roll over protection and large area of bright attention grabbing color.

Technical plus points: Comfortable handling characteristics thanks to a low center of gravity, wide wheel base and independent suspension on all wheels.  Low loss transmission completely enclosed in the body shell yet easily accessible keeps maintenance time and costs low.  The mid-drive axle allows choice of many gearing options including internal-gear hubs, 10 speed race cassettes and even e-bike motors. All three 20” (406) wheels are attached with single sided axles allowing for tool-less tire repair or replacement.

Standard avaiable from € 7.490,00

Price and option list Mango Tour


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